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    Watch This Will Kill That
    baja tv documentary THIS WILL KILL THAT isto matara aquilo

    Ahhh Brazil! This new film will have you think twice before booking a flight to Rio de Janeiro.


    Designed to shape perceptions, info may be true or false, but it is always carefully selected for its political effect. Share and discuss with as many people as you can.

    Deep behind the wall & back
    opposite land film

    Poverty, racism and war are not defining characteristics of the human condition. They are all products of certain circumstances which could be altered.

    Uninterested In The Truth
    bullshit uninterested in the truth

    Bullshitters aim primarily to impress and persuade their audiences, while liars need to know the truth to better conceal it.


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Baja Real Estate Boom

provides desperately needed solutions to Mexico's toddler-unemployment epidemic. Some 5000 out-of-work Baja Sur children, many of whom had struggled since birth to earn any kind of wage at all, are now afforded the chance to work seven days a week, up to 19 hours a day, in such competitive industries as tomato picking and gum sales.

The Weak Support the Corrupt

The majority of people, with marginal abilities, support those who goof up, feeling that they will then get similar support when their turn comes. Thus, the weak support the corrupt, because just as efficiency is regarded as a threat by the inept, accuracy of perception and analysis is regarded as a threat by the powerful.

Participación Ciudadana

Los sudcalifornianos se enfrentan hoy a un nulo ejercicio físico; aunado a eso, la mayoría de su comida es importada de EEUU. La mayoría de estos alimentos son carnes y dulces ricos en grasas y azúcares simples. Además, sólo un 10 por ciento de los sucalifornianos come fruta o verduras con frecuencia. Buscamos promover ideas y propuestas para mejorar a nuestro paìs.

Mexico Joins DOPEC

Mexico was inducted into the Development Organization of Cannabis-Exporting Countries Monday. "As the world's largest producer of pot, we are pleased to join Colombia, Peru and Bolivia in economic partnership," said Maria Castro Castro, Mexico's minister of opiates. "Only by working together can we assure ourselves of continued expansion into foreign markets." The move was opposed by the U.S., DOPEC's largest customer, on the grounds that further price increases and supply restriction would create long lines at dealerships.